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Hi wold



Some of sweet Mama’s Design

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Hello world!

Welcome to our seit Bist for kids,

We are a family of 5. Mom and Dad,Obayda,Ziyad and the pretty girl Arabella.
best for kids premiere with YouTube channel for family.We want to show all the kids in the world of YouTube funny side of happiness and comedy,As well as offer children's games through the Wii U, PlayStation, dancing, singing, funny situations for children, buy new toys and explain how the structure and contents.Cook Children's cakes Sweets, Kabkik, pastries and desserts, Mavens, sweets birthdays, portray the most important entertainment sites in Germany with children, such as Ligoland, Europe Park, Heide Park, and most tourist attractions in Germany and the world.As well as offer songs and dancing children from kindergartens in Germany.Lego Dimensions Build & Play and more.