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Voundan cake Minions design-Minion Cake Fondant

My very first large „Minion“ cake, made last week for Zozo.  If you are also a big fan of cute Minion, the strange yellow characters in the film? If you want to prepare a very special cake that your children enjoy it as much here is the siet.Cooking a delicious and beautiful cake with marshmallow fondant for children’s birthday – video recipe. This cake is quite easy to make: no complex shape and design. Nice fruit filling with cream.Making delicious children’s birthday cake with banana-cream filling, biscuit and marshmallow fondant😀

,Minion Cake Fondant How to Make It Easy:
– Cake cover fondant
– Letters by fondant
– Borders fondant




 Minions Voundan cake designs

Voundan cake designs Minions


Cake Fondant-Voundan cake designs

Cake Fondant-Voundan cake designs


Voundan cake designs

Voundan cake designs

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